Darren Worrow

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Why, hello there; I’m Darren Worrow, the one and only and if there’s another he’s a phoney. I write and sometimes draw stuff; something to do innit?

So you’ve found my website, lucky you. Please make yourself at home, put your feet up on the browser, spill cheesy-puffs on the sidebar and generally enjoy yourself.

I’ve got my fingers in more pies than Pukka so there’s plenty of bits and bobs to read for absolutely bugger all. However if you want to join the gang of REAL hardcore Darren Worrow fans you should consider parting with some cash for one of my gorgeous books; giggles guaranteed. I will give this exclusive member number, Member No: 2.

No Surprises Living in Devizes

This is my regular column for Index:Wiltshire, all about my local town, its surrounding area and anything else my deranged mind can slip past the editor. Sometimes we get a tad serious, but more  often than not it’s a rioght larf. 

                                                                                           Updated every Sunday!

Poop Scoop

Big up my new, very serious news website scooping up all the shit other news journalists wouldn’t touch, bagging it and binning it into one steaming pile for your reading displeasure.

White Space Van Man

This five-star reviewed sci-fi comedy series is my most popular books to date, don’t ask why but probably because the prequel is free; dirty freeloading blaggers. So waste no more time and take off with Barry, our white space van man on a one way mission to giggle town.

My Blog & Ye OldeBook Shoppe

It has been known that I update my blog now and then; it’s home to some short stories, and Ye OldeBook Shoppe; If you’re into self-published books and comics, I plug and review stuff through this venture, please join the Facebook group and watch my blog for updates.

Shadows and Teeth

I was delighted to be involved with this award winning horror anthology from Darkwater Syndicate.

 Horror fans check it out, ten astounding authors, ten spine-chilling stories and oh yeah, my one too!



Phew, all my other books on one page and where to buy them!

I Am Not Frazzle!

 10 great stories from 10 amazing authors from around the world.

All the stories have a running theme of children in them although each author writes in their chosen genre and style. This is because (and this is the really good bit) all the proceeds of the project goes to The Devizes & District Opportunity Centre, a local based charity that helps children with disabilities and learning difficulties. So please, please help us out with this worthy cause by clicking on the link and buying the eBook or paperback, liking the Facebook page and helping to spread    the word, thanks HUZZAH!

The Funniest Thing Ever!

This is a growing Facebook group where we post anything we like, provided it's funny! Come join the fun!


I see so many websites flogging authors overpriced pre-made eBook covers. $60 or more for a five minute Photoshop image that is both uninspiring and looks plastic and manufactured; is that really the sort of identity you want to reflect your hard work? You know that your writing is individual and unique and therefore you require a unique and individual design but for that you need a designer; it’s going to cost a fortune. I am a self-published author so I know the sort of budget available to you. I can design your cover for you for as little as $20 and I do not deal with pre-made; each design is personal to the client after an informal online consultation, tell me what your book is about, its genre and what you envisioned your book cover to be like. I look forward to the chance of hearing from you, remember your cover is the first impression that the browser sees and you know what they say about first impressions.