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The Perminator


It wasn’t the fact that in 1984 Hollywood movie director James Cameron had a premonition that I would write this book and quickly altered the character’s names and the plot slightly to make his blockbusting film, it was the fact that he then sent a robot back through time to eliminate me before I was born by targeting me dear ol’ mum that annoyed me.


So, thanks to the power of Amazon’s self-publishing, you can now relish in the deadly serious, original true story and follow the adventures of Sarah O’Connell, an Essex hairdresser who discovers her role in the fate of humankind when a really, really naughty robot from the future hunts her down in order to eliminate the unborn leader of a rebel force that aren’t very keen on permed hairdos.


Can Sarah and her future-boy nincompoop protector, Fleece defeat the robot, hot on giving everyone a smashing perm before it’s too late? Will they be able to change the fate of the deadly war between the humans and machines and overcome the terrible corporation Hairnet? Can we expect to read any sexy bits in this pathetic parody?


Read it before Cameron’s machines finally get to me and all hope is lost. I’ll just finish on a personal note to the director himself, “ha, you didn’t realise that my mum was that handy with a rolling-pin! See you in court Cameron!”


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