Darren Worrow

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Mike is a lost soul, surrounding himself with friends that are all out on a quest of drug fuelled mania; he recounts his life, the aging youth culture of the acid house raves and just how sad and lonely the aftermath has turned out to be. Terrible in matters of the heart he continues on his path of destruction, failing to accept that he is getting past it all. Only vaguely successful in his chosen art and hopeless at just about everything else his life is a shambles, only he’s too stoned-out to realise. Until one day something big comes along circumstances cause him to have a belated coming of age moment. If he really is going to avoid the subject of growing up then it will form itself before him if he likes it or not. This amusing and moralistic, character-driven black comedy is shameless and takes no prisoners.


Strictly for adults only with themes of sex, drugs and rock n roll.


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