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Darren Worrow

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Hold tight people this website is under some serious reconstruction.....

Come back soon and see if I can make it worthwhile visiting! Sorry for any inconvenience caused, read one of my great books while you wait!

Hi, welcome to the website; come on in and enjoy yourself. For those that don’t know me I write books, comics and illustrate and design, cartoons are my one true love. Please have a look around and if you feel that something is missing in your life buy a book or three!

Click on the icons below for more information regarding either the books I have written, past projects, the book cover design or the charity project “I Am Not Frazzle!” I have a blog with short stories on too.

So please join for irregular updates and I always enjoy receiving feedback so get involved through the social networks.

This is my latest project, 10 great stories from 10 amazing authors from around the world. I take the cover story, "I Am Not Frazzle!" which revolves  around a voice over artist for a popular TV cartoon. He voices the character "Frazzle," but ironically he has a dislike of children. When Colin is asked to help a boy in coma he is pulled into a life changing adventure.

All the stories have a running theme of children in them although each author writes in their chosen genre and style. This is because (and this is the really good bit) all the proceeds of the project goes to The Devizes & District Opportunity Centre, a local based charity that helps children with disabilities and learning difficulties. So please, please help us out with this worthy cause by clicking on the link and buying the eBook or paperback, liking the Facebook page and helping to spread the word, thanks HUZZAH!

This  my new book Kelly. I like to think it blends the genres of social and political thriller, nail-biting horror, twisted satire, erotic romance and dystopian sci-fi. Whereas you might think I simply just couldn't decide where to go this time and, well, maybe you're right; this one kind of just burst out of me like I was John Hurt and it was an alien birth. So please give it a read and I promise, more comedy next time!


I see so many websites flogging authors overpriced pre-made eBook covers. $60 or more for a five minute Photoshop image that is both uninspiring and looks plastic and manufactured; is that really the sort of identity you want to reflect your hard work? You know that your writing is individual and unique and therefore you require a unique and individual design but for that you need a designer; it’s going to cost a fortune. I am a self-published author so I know the sort of budget available to you. I can design your cover for you for as little as $20 and I do not deal with pre-made; each design is personal to the client after an informal online consultation, tell me what your book is about, its genre and what you envisioned your book cover to be like. I look forward to the chance of hearing from you, remember your cover is the first impression that the browser sees and you know what they say about first impressions.

So, free stories you want is it? Well, free stories you'll get! I am often on the blog, rather than waffle on about the price of eggs and what I had for tea I write short stories on there. So, if you want a taster of what I write about then where better to start?

If you don't like reading on the screen, I know what you mean. The stories are put into an kindle book on Amazon, check the book page on the site to download this. It is only 77p but I do run as many free promo days as I can so I suggest you like the Darren Worrow Facebook page for notifications of when this will occur, got it?